Production of Andriol began more than two decades ago. But despite this, he did not immediately deserve recognition among the majority of bodybuilders. Which even surprises a little.

This drug, together with methyltestosterone, is one of the drugs that are taken orally. But compared to the same methyltestosterone, which is a fairly toxic steroid, Andriol has not yet had any negative effects on the human body. It is known that most drugs have a detrimental effect on liver cells, gradually destroying it. But it’s not about Andriol, even despite the testosterone contained in the drug undecanoate. But how? And the fact that this chemical is absorbed only through the intestine, and then enters the lymphatic system, without affecting the liver. But this is still not the last positive quality that this drug has.

Taking Andriol, you can absolutely not worry about such side effects as the appearance of acne, the emergence of gynecomastia, the accumulation of fat and other unpleasant consequences. And all due to the fact that testosterone undecanoate is nothing more than a fatty acid ester of a natural hormone such as testosterone. Getting into the human body, it is susceptible to the effects of metabolism, and eventually it produces dihydrotestosterone. That’s why the likelihood of turning Andriol into estrogen, which is a female hormone, is very minimal.

It is worth noting and one more positive quality, which this drug has. During the reception of Andriol, the body does not stop producing testosterone. But if you abuse the drug, this process can still be broken.

Despite these all the positive qualities that Andriol has, he still will not get deserved popularity. For every exciting question there are always answers, and this case is no exception to that. Although Andriol is so good, it’s strictly forbidden to take it to women. Why? First, this drug helps increase blood pressure in women. Secondly, there is a possibility that they will develop hypersexuality. And thirdly, there may be a problem of the appearance of acne and delays in the body of water. If it is so contraindicated to women, why is it not so common among men as it deserves to be told? Probably from the fact that men do not take Andriol seriously. On what this drug can actually fit, so this is to increase the potency. This characteristic of the drug for weight gain was provided by one of the bodybuilders, who is also a prize-winner of the Russian championship. However, contrary to the received comment, many theorists still continue to assert that Andriol is almost the only drug with which you can achieve incredible results. Maybe Andriol is really very effective if you use it at a dose exceeding the recommended one? But the daily dose and so much more than other steroid drugs. It is this fact that causes distrust among men to Andriol.

If you miss out on the last part of the above, then for those who do not know Andriol may seem to be the best means for building muscle. Whether someone took this drug in preparation for the competition – is unknown. But with confidence, we can say that most bodybuilders still prefer testosterone propionate, as well as a more expensive drug – Winstrol. However, if you think logically, “unknown” does not mean that with the help of Andriol, no one was preparing for the competition. Perhaps this is simply silent.

If you believe the information provided, Andriol leaves the human body after two days. This property is very suitable for those who have to pass a fairly hard doping control, which is mandatory before the competition. However, more detailed and truthful information about this hangs a very dark veil. Even if we assume that Andriol contributes to the build-up of muscle mass and is quickly withdrawn, how much it needs to be used to get results makes it a rather expensive drug. One jar, which contains 60 capsules of 40 mg, costs about $ 60. And the minimum dose of Andriol is 240 ml, that is 6 capsules. If you count, the amount will not be very attractive, given the fact that it may not work. But either or not so, it is worth to go already and to the visual features of this drug.

So Andriola capsules are gelatinous and they should be stored only in a cool place. For these purposes, it is best to use a refrigerator if you do not want the capsules to melt. If the Andriol capsules do not resemble a regular oval in shape and have any other color, but not a reddish-brown one, you have to deal with an ordinary fake. Pay attention to the presence of incisions, if you have Andriol Italian or French production. On one side of the capsule should be placed three large letters ORG, and on the other – DV3. But Andriol capsules of Thai and Dutch production can be seen in two-layered cellular strips, which are made of silver foil. On these strips a blue inscription is placed. But in these countries Andriol is sometimes placed also in dark brown bottles.

To obtain the desired results, Andriol must be taken in accordance with the attached instructions. But if it’s a little difficult with money, this drug can be replaced with cheaper, namely testosterone, propynate.

And as a final word, it should be added that in fact Andriol is very popular now among bodybuilders who avoid consequences as a result of the use of steroid drugs. mexico steriods superdrol geneza pharmaceuticals website