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The introduction of the drug may reduce the efficacy of live attenuated virus vaccines (measles, smallpox, rubella, mumps, chicken pox) for a period of 6 weeks to 3 months. Prior to vaccination with live attenuated vaccines should be at least 3 months after treatment. In the case of measles, this effect can deca buy andriol durabolin side effects persist for up to 1 year. In this regard, it is necessary to check the titer measles antibodies before use of measles vaccine.

Special instructions
Due to the fact that the development of some side effects may be related to the rate of administration should strictly comply with the instructions given in the section “How to use and dosage.” During the administration should carefully monitor the condition of the patient.
All patients receiving intravenous immunoglobulins, it is necessary to conduct adequate hydration before infusion, monitor urine output, monitoring of creatinine concentration in the plasma, to eliminate the use of “loop” diuretics.
In case of side effects should be reduced the rate of administration or completely stop it. Treatment depends on the nature and severity of side effects. In the case of shock should begin antishock treatment in accordance with current standards of treatment.
The most common adverse reactions may occur with the introduction of high speed, with hypo- and agammaglobulinemia (on the background of immunoglobulin A deficiency or without it), when administered immunoglobulin for the buy andriol first time, in rare cases – when translated into the introduction of an immunoglobulin from another manufacturer, or after a long period of time after the last infusion. Such patients should be observed during the whole period of the first infusion and for 1 hour after administration.
The remaining patients should be observed during the first 20 minutes of the infusion.
Standard measures to prevent infections caused by using medicaments produced from human blood or plasma They include selection of donors, testing individual portions and plasma pools for specific markers of infection and the inclusion in the production process of effective measures for the inactivation / elimination of viruses. Nevertheless, one can not completely exclude the possibility of transfer of infectious agents. This also applies to unknown or newly identified viruses and other pathogens.
The measures are deca durabolin side effects considered effective for enveloped viruses – HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis Siv lesser extent -. Against the hepatitis A virus and parvovirus B19
continuously growing clinical experience with human immunoglobulin preparations convincingly demonstrates that hepatitis A virus and parvovirus B19 is not transmitted in the treatment of these drugs. A major role in ensuring the safety of the antiviral is the presence in the formulation of appropriate antibodies.
During the treatment transient increase in various passively transferred antibodies in the patient’s blood can lead to false positive results of serological tests. Passive transfer of antibodies to red cell antigens (e.g., A, B, D), may affect some serological tests erythrocytic allo-antibodies (e.g., Coombs test).
Because of the presence in the maltose formulation (90 mg / ml) is possible false positive increasing glucose concentration in the blood of the patient, determined by means of some test kits (e.g., enzyme-based glucose dehydrogenase-pyrroloquinoline quinone, or using glucose-di oksireduktaznoy reaction).
Higher values of blood glucose concentrations are determined during the administration and within 15 hours after its completion. In this regard, perhaps unjustified appointment of insulin and, as a consequence – the development of hypoglycemia. Such false positive result may mask an existing hypoglycemia, due to which the patient will not be assigned to appropriate therapy.
Thus, when using the drug  10%, as well as the use of other parenteral solutions containing maltose, use glyukozospetsificheskie methods for determining blood glucose. Therefore, buy andriol the study of the instructions to the test set (including the test strips) for determining the concentration of blood glucose should pay special attention to the possibility of its use in patients receiving drugs containing maltose.
During expiration date deca durabolin side effects can be stored product at a temperature of 25 ° C for 3 months without re-placed in the refrigerator. Unused during this time should be to destroy the drug.
The drug does not appear to have any effect on the ability to drive or perform work that requires high concentration and psychomotor reactions. steroiden kaufen

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